How You Can Contribute To Swarajya Heritage program

Amarnath GovindarajanSunday, November 4, 2018 7:40 am IST
Swarajya Heritage Program_2018
Swarajya Heritage Program_2018

The ₹19,999 Plan

Dear reader,

As you’re aware Swarajya has launched and has been running the Heritage Program.

We’ve been covering heritage themes: opposing government control of temples, arguing for better maintenance of heritage sites and building commercial ecosystems that bring in prosperity.

You can check out our last year’s work in this deck. You can also check out our latest print issue - a great collection of articles, a perfect representation of what Swarajya produces under the Heritage Program.

The question is: how could you help?

We find that we spend nearly ₹20,000/ground report on travel, stay and misc expenses. If you’d like to support the heritage program please consider taking a sponsorship under the ₹19,999 plan.

What do you get when you contribute ₹19,999?

You get a FREE ticket worth ₹14,999 on a Swarajya heritage trip of your choice.

So, for ₹19,999 you get ₹14,999 back in the form of a free ticket.

Good deal, I think, and a great way to support Swarajya.

Please do consider sponsoring by clicking here! It’s a great way to help us fight the destruction of our cultural inheritance.

(You can also pitch in with ₹9,999 or ₹4,999 or even less, but ₹19,999 is ideal)

Click here to sponsor now.


Amar Govindarajan

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