Design Changes In Bullet Train Likely To Suit Indian Condition

Arun Kumar DasWednesday, May 17, 2023 4:53 am IST
Tunnel work in Valsad for bullet train.
Tunnel work in Valsad for bullet train.

The report for design changes required in the proposed bullet train to suit Indian condition has been submitted to the authorities concerned.

In the meanwhile, discussions are on with the Japanese side on various issues including floating rolling stock tender being planned this month.

According to National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), final report of preliminary survey to study design changes required in existing E5 Shinkansen suiting Indian environment was submitted by M/s HKC on 25 April 2023.

The bullet train is expected to run at a maximum speed of 350 kmph between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, a first such rail venture in the subcontinent.

Going ahead with the laying line work, the first lot of 60 kg rails (6,300 MT, 105 km in length) from Japan reached Hazira Port with track contracts for an aggregate length of 352 km have been awarded.

Other machinery like motor car, slab laying car and rail feeder car manufactured in India and transported to site, the NHSRCL progress report stated.

In order to expedite the work, the steering committee meeting was also held on 21 April wherein the progress of the project was reviewed by JICA officials.

The high-speed rail corridor project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad delayed by more than five years has incurred Rs 42,326.81 crore till date.

While engineering, procurement and factory construction are under progress, the overall physical progress achieved is 32.15 per cent against a target of 34.86 per cent with a shortfall of 2.71 per cent till April 2023.

The project has incurred Rs 172.03 crore in the fiscal 2023-24 with overall financial progress of  35.29 per cent.

According to the progress report, 28 crossings over national and state highways, irrigation canals and railways of which 17 in Gujarat and 11 in Maharashtra to be bridged by long span steel structures.

Works on all eight high speed rail (HSR) stations from Vapi to Sabarmati are under various stages of construction with Surat, Bilimora, Anand anf Ahmedabad foundation work completed.

Discussions are going on with the Japanese side to freeze the master implementation programme for the entire project including Maharashtra section and rolling stock, systems etc, to expedite the project.

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