Going Digital For Cow Welfare, Madhya Pradesh Government To Launch Online Service To Adopt Cows

Swarajya StaffWednesday, September 11, 2019 2:56 pm IST
Cows being fed at a shelter
Cows being fed at a shelter

The Congress government in Madhya Pradesh (MP) is going to introduce an online service for cow adoption at various gaushalas (cow shelters) across the state, The Hindu reported. This scheme aims at providing good food and shelter to cows.

This will allow the people to buy various packages available on the department’s website and take care of a cow’s diet such as Rs 1,100 for 15 days, Rs 11,100 for six months, and Rs 3 lakh for 10 years. Currently, there are 626 gaushalas in the state and all of them will come under the scheme.

The government will also acknowledge the donors with a certificate and by featuring them on the website. Through the same service, the donors, including NRIs, will be able to help gaushalas in buying other necessities such as borewells, bulls, biogas plants, and sheds.

Giving more details on the project, a government official said, “For now, donors wouldn’t be able to pick a specific cow to feed. If that is allowed, it would be an injustice to other cows who may be left without proper feed and even starve.” He further added, “But if the service receives a positive response, we may post details of cows with photographs online so that donors could pick their choice.”

The District Collectors would be made responsible to see if the donations are being used rightly.

Reiterating its electoral promise, the Kamal Nath government had announced in January that it was going to build 1,000 gaushalas in the state where around 7 lakh cattle roam abandoned. Rs 132 crore were allotted for the promotion of cattle farming and livestock in this year’s MP budget.

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