Gyanvapi Survey: Court Orders To Seal Area Where Committee Discovered Shiva Linga

Swarajya StaffMonday, May 16, 2022 4:27 pm IST
Disputed Gyanvapi structure in Varanasi with visible remnants of a Hindu temple (Wikimedia Commons)
Disputed Gyanvapi structure in Varanasi with visible remnants of a Hindu temple (Wikimedia Commons)

The Varanasi civil court has ordered the District Magistrate (DM) to seal the area of the Gyanvapi mosque complex where a ‘Shiva linga’ has been found, ANI reports.

The DM, Police Commissioner and CRPF Commandant Varanasi have been entrusted with the responsibility of the security of the sealed site.

“District Magistrate, Varanasi, is directed to immediately seal the place where the Shiva linga has been found. No person should be allowed to enter the place which will be sealed. The responsibility for the security and custodianship of the place which will be sealed will be considered personally of Varanasi district magistrate, Varanasi police commissioner and the CRPF commandant, Varanasi,” Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Diwakar’s order was quoted in a report by the Indian Express.

Uttar Pradesh’s (UP) Director General of Police (DGP) and Chief Secretary (Administration) have been tasked to supervise the sealing of the place by the civil court.

The shiva linga is 12 feet x 8 inches by diameter and Nandi facing, India Today reports. However, the dimensions of the same haven’t been ascertained officially yet.

The court-mandated videographic survey of the Gyanvapi mosque complex concluded on Monday.

The original petition has been filed by a Delhi-based women’s group seeking permission to offer daily prayers to the idols of Hindu deities on the outer walls of the Gyanwapi mosque.

The Gyanvapi Mosque, which adjoins the present Kashi Vishwanath Temple, was built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1669 after demolishing a Hindu temple.

Hindus claim that the original Vishwanath Temple, which Aurangzeb destroyed, existed on the site of the Gyanvapi Mosque.

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