Two SDPI Activists Arrested In Mangaluru For Posting Inciting Messages Against Prime Minister Among Others

Swarajya StaffWednesday, April 15, 2020 2:51 am IST
Activists of PFI (Qamar Sibtain /India Today Group/Getty Images) Representative image
Activists of PFI (Qamar Sibtain /India Today Group/Getty Images) Representative image

Mangaluru police on Tuesday (14 April) arrested two self-confessed SDPI activists for posting content and inciting messages against the highest functionaries of the government of India including the Prime Minister and Home minister.

Muhammed Ilyas and Abdul Basheer, said to be the admins of a Facebook page Mikalto Bisaya, were arrested for churning out inciteful content against the Prime Minister and Home Minister of the country.

The duo is said to have confessed to being connected to the PFI and SDPI. The page though has not been taken down and posted content even at 11 pm. They are said to be part of a larger network that indulges in such content being circulated through the page.

“The two have been charged under provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, Sec 67 Information Technology Act, Sec 54 Disaster Management Act 2005, & Sec 188, 153 and 505 IPC,” said Mangalore City Commissioner of Police Dr P S Harsha.

The latest post that the page carried at 11pm has a graphic with the image of Home Minsiter Amit Shah calling him a germ that is the fatal for the country. It questions the silence of the Home Minister asking “why is that the one who brought out the NRC to save NRI Hindus is now silent about saving Hindus or whoever”. The caption also reads “khaki chaddigale nimma antima payana” (Khaki shorts!Your Final Journey). An earlier post has called MP Pratap Simha of Mysuru a terrorist who ‘incited fear by peddling fake news about the virus having infected four people

A post three days ago has an image of the Prime Minister with text that mocks the suggestion by PM to use scarfs as masks and carries a caption that calls the government unfit as it is incapable of even providing masks.

The page has been carrying posts and images which are extremely derogatory of Hindu saints, seers, national and state leaders, and using mostly unparliamentary language in the same.

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