Like Chief, Like Deputy: Jailed AAP Leader Manish Sisodia Goes After The Prime Minister Over His Education In Open Letter

Swarajya StaffFriday, April 7, 2023 12:48 pm IST
Former Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia (@Pinging18/Twitter)
Former Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia (@Pinging18/Twitter)

Jailed Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Manish Sisodia penned a letter to the people of India, claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's lack of educational qualifications is "dangerous" for the country.

The Chief Minister of Delhi and leader of Sisodia's party, Arvind Kejriwal, has also been targeting Modi over his education.

Sisodia's handwritten letter, tweeted by Kejriwal, says, "Today's youth is aspirational, they want to achieve something, and they are looking for opportunities. They want to win over the world. They want to do wonders in science and technology. Does a less educated PM have the capacity to fulfil the aspiration of today's youth?"

"When the PM says that radar can't detect an aircraft flying behind clouds, he becomes a subject of mockery in the entire world. School and college students mock him," he said.

According to Sisodia, the Indian prime minister lacks basic scientific knowledge and education, and other heads of state take advantage of his lack of education by making him sign papers that he doesn't understand.

He claimed that the closure of 60,000 schools in recent years demonstrates the government's disregard for education. "If we don't give good education to our children, can the country progress? Never," he said.

"I saw a video of PM Modi where he is proudly saying that he is not educated. He says he has only studied in a village school. Is being illiterate or less educated something to be proud of? A country where the PM is proud of being less educated will never provide a good education for its children," the letter said.

Kejriwal was fined Rs 25,000 by the Gujarat High Court for his attempts to establish the specifics of Modi's graduation and post-graduation degrees under the Right to Information (RTI).

Asked to pay the fine within four weeks, Kejriwal tweeted: "Does the country not have the right to know how educated their Prime Minister is? They vehemently opposed revealing his degree in court. Why? And the person asking to see the degree will be fined? What is happening? An uneducated or less educated PM is dangerous for the country."

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